A Universal Struggle

We finally have a quick, hygienic, and simple solution to opening plastic produce bags. No more licking your fingers. No more odd or unhygienic tricks. No more bringing your own bags for produce. All these methods, with the hassle of opening grocery produce bags, will finally be eliminated with the MistyMr..

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  • Step 1: Sensor Detection

    The MistyMr. automatically detects the customer's fingertips when placed directly beneath its sensor.

  • Step 2: Dispensation of Mist

    The device immediately and automatically dispenses mist of deionized water on the fingertips.

  • Step 3: Gain of Produce Bag Opening Ability

    The customer's fingertips are now damp enough to easily open plastic and produce grocery bags in-store.

  • Step 4: Customer Satisfact

    The customer continues to enjoy their shopping experience without disruption.